Linda Chou is an award-winning managing broker with a focused and expert knowledge of downtown Seattle and the surrounding neighborhoods. More than just an observer of these markets, Linda has herself purchased, remodeled, and rented out several properties in these very same communities. This means she is not only personally invested in her area of focus, but has past experience working through financial remedies and ramifications of both buying and selling process in all types of markets, up, down and in-between.


Over her fourteen years in the industry, Linda has seen it all. Buying and selling, renting and owning, co-op to condo, land development to new construction, she has had her hand in every aspect of the real estate process, literally from the ground up. Having completed UW course work in civil engineering and public policy, Linda has a command in land use and policy, permits, and city planning. Her studies were put into practice as project manager and consultant for several construction, engineering, and land-acquisition firms in the Seattle area. With a background in development, Linda understands what architects, developers, and builders want, what makes a lot marketable, and how a property becomes valuable, all of which helps her inform her clients and negotiate in their best interest. Skilled and experienced at negotiating between all interested parties, Linda has an excellent record securing satisfactory prices and provisions for both buyers and sellers.


Since turning to home sales, Linda received awards from Seattle Magazine each of the last eight years and from John L. Scott Corporate for each of the last nine. Her patient, low-key style, built on the belief that "you'll know it when you see it," has been especially attractive to cautious, slow and especially first-time buyers. Linda has shown, listed, and/or sold units in just about every cooperative in Seattle, giving her a particularly strong grasp of Seattle's unique co-op and condo market. In addition, as both an EcoBroker and a Realtor with a GREEN designation, Linda takes advantage of her advanced coursework in environmental science to find ways to integrate green systems into existing homes. Above all this, Linda devotes to her clientele an undying loyalty that extends well beyond the closing date.


When not working tirelessly for her clients, Linda is a wife and mother of three, who is involved in the local community through a variety of volunteer positions. She pursues a genuine interest in architecture, construction, and interior design and has a real appreciation for fine foods and travel.